What is Playthrough in Online Slots?

When you’re gambling with an online casino, whatever type of freebie you can get is always welcome. Offering bonuses or free spins, however small, will increase your odds of winning pay-outs by tiny amounts, and any gambler would bite your hand off for one – play here.

Online casinos offer these bonuses as incentives for gamblers to stay on their site. They act as a type of loyalty reward, but there’s another side to them. Although they seem like money for nothing, in reality, the casinos place certain restrictions on withdrawing this ‘free’ money.

These restrictions are known as “playthrough”, and the details of such can usually be found lost amongst the frustratingly tiny wording of the site’s terms and conditions.

How does playthrough work?

It’s fair to say that playthrough is not particularly popular with gamblers. However, it is necessary to protect the casinos from fraud.

It works on the basis that a multiple of the initial deposit amount is wagered before a player can cash out their winnings.

If you imagine that an online casino’s playthrough requirement is 15x. This means that the player has to place bets to the value of 15 times their initial deposit amount before cashing out.

Using this 15x playthrough as an example, let’s say you deposit £100 into your casino account and the casino gives you a welcome promotion of 100% of your initial deposit. Happy days – your bankroll is £200. So, according to the playthrough requirements, you will need to place bets to the value of £1500 before you’re allowed to cash out your winnings.

This may seem incredibly annoying, but it isn’t when you think about it. Implementing the playthrough requirements simply offsets the online casinos’ risk and protects them from the kind of players who aren’t interested in gambling, but just want to exploit free bonus and promotions.

It’s important to remember that every bet you make counts towards your playthrough total amount (the £1500 stated above), so betting £5 or £10 a time on a slot game online will nibble away at the figure bit by bit.

Bonus beware?

When you’re using an online casino, the best advice you can take is simply read the terms and conditions every time you get a bonus or a freebie. This will not only ensure that you understand the playthrough requirements, but will also help you navigate all the other house rules you should know.

Don’t treat bonuses with suspicion, they’re designed to assist you. Only the biggest cynics could think promotions and bonuses are designed to lessen your gambling experience.


However, be sure you know what’s going on at all times, and what the requirements are for every bonus. This is the best way to avoid disappointment regarding cashing out and minimum bets on spins.

Remember that they’re a necessary inconvenience which protect you and the online casino from fraud, and though they’re a pain, everything runs a lot more smoothly by the fact that they’re there.

What is Playthrough in Online Slots?
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