Unconventional slots that are really popular

New slot titles are released almost every day and online you can find games inspired by anything you can think of. There are slots based on movies, pets, magic, and much more – try Starburst slot. Some of them are truly one of a kind and below you can find a list of some unconventional slots that got really popular thanks to their unique features.

1. Castle Builder

In this slot you are charged with a task of building a castle for the King’s daughter. As you land building material symbols on the reels, you gather means to build the castle. Each material has a different value. The more material you land on the reels, the higher the value of the final building will be.

For each castle that you create the King awards you with cash prizes. When you look at the layout of the game you can see the reels on the right of the screen and the castle you are building on the left.

2. Gourmet Ranch Riches

This slot looks nothing like conventional slot games. When you turn it on you might be under the impression that you have activated a farm game. The game offers 5×5 grid but at first glance you might think there are no reels as symbols appear on a square area surrounded by picket fences.

Symbols include a variety of crops and farmyard animals like chickens, pigs and cows. When you match 3 symbols you unlock more plots of land. Thanks to this feature you can land and harvest more symbols the next time you spin.

3. Village People – Macho Moves

This video slot is based on the popular “YMCA” song and it features a disco theme. On top of the reels players can spot the members of the band. The symbols resemble disco objects from the 70s, and include platform shoes, cassettes, vinyl records and microphones.

The thing that made this slot popular is its amazing soundtrack. Next to the reels players can see a VP Jukebox that allows them to pick one of the top 5 Village People songs. Being able to listen to some iconic songs while placing bets makes this slot extremely entertaining.

4. Cubis

This slot game offers a revolutionary interface as it is played on a 3D grid. There no reels, but instead colorful cubes fall onto the screen and create a 3D pattern. There are no conventional paylines in the game. Payouts are based on winning combinations that land on either horizontal or vertical lines.

Instead of classic symbols, the game features cubes in 7 different colors. Sequences of four or more cubes in the same color can trigger a payout. Many players love this game because its more challenging than a standard 5reel layout.


The games mentioned here are examples of truly unconventional slot games that can be a nice change if you are getting bored of traditional slot games. Because of their unique layouts they can seem slightly challenging at first. Nevertheless, their innovative features got them millions of fans using online casinos around the world.

Unconventional slots that are really popular
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