The Three Types of Marketing Activities for Business

What is Marketing Activity Definition? Marketing activities refer to all the things that an entity or an individual in order to enhance its brand and to increase the sales of particular products/services. Marketing activities may include Branding, Sales promotion, Advertising, Private selling, Public Relations, Corporate Sales, Publicity, Product launches, Promotional activities, Events, etc. Marketing may involve a single activity or a combination of activities and in order to understand the marketing activities better one must keep a track of the various marketing activities happening around him/her in an effort to understand the complete marketing process. A marketing plan for an organization is thus essential for the success of the company and is the best place for marketing services.

There are several ways of marketing activities that can be undertaken by an entity for increasing the sales. Marketing through advertisements is one such way, which includes placing the advertisement on websites, putting it in electronic and online magazines, pamphlets, brochures, booklets, and postcards etc. The advertisement is placed by an agency for the specific marketing purpose. For example, the advertising agency would advertise a particular product or service through electronic media and internet in an effort to popularize it. Similarly, social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are also used for marketing purposes.

Businesses often adopt a variety of marketing activities to attract customers. One such marketing method is to use every day marketing. Using every day marketing techniques will enable you to reach a large number of customers and become known to them. For instance, placing an advert on a bus stand will get noticed by many people. Another technique is to place a leaflet at the entrance of a shop. These two methods will reach out to people who would otherwise not visit the store.

It is important to keep in mind that before adopting any particular marketing activities it is important to consider the competition of your company. There are two types of factors which might affect the performance of a particular activity. First, there is the effect of the competitors. These competitors might be using the same techniques that you are using for reaching the customers. Secondly, there is the effect of the products and services offered by your competitors.

If you want to use every day marketing activities in order to promote your brand then it is important to know about the other companies in your industry that offer similar products and services. This will help you identify the areas in which you can differ so as to attract more customers. The companies that provide similar products and services but are smaller in size might be a good brand to start up if your business is relatively small. However, if your business is big and you have launched a brand new product or service, then you should focus on the competition of that brand and develop your own brand.

One of the other things that you should consider before marketing activities is conducting market research. You should ensure that you conduct market research to understand which type of customers you will be targeting during the initial phase before launching any marketing activities. You should also consider this part of your activity when you are drafting your marketing mix as it will give you information on the competitors which will be helpful in determining the best marketing activities to carry out in order to attract more customers. You will be able to determine what your target market is.

Once you are able to determine which marketing activities categories your company belongs to then you need to determine what marketing activities you can do to attract more customers. You should determine whether you want to target young people, middle aged people, older people, men, women etc. Once you know who you are targeting then you can choose the appropriate marketing activities to attract them. You should ensure that your marketing activities are in accordance with the way these customers perceive marketing activities. This means that you should never advertise or market a product or service to customers in a manner which is not acceptable to them.

Marketers should not only focus on the market they are targeting but should also include other marketing activities to reach out to more consumers. The three types of marketing activities which marketers should carry out in order to attract more consumers include: direct marketing, online marketing and traditional direct marketing. Each of these three types has its own significance and place in the marketing mix of a company.

The Three Types of Marketing Activities for Business
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