Just like all the other classes of Android apps, the sports apps available on your Android cellphone are extremely various. In my opinion, this particular class may be the most numerous virtually because of all the unique sports activities that are performed all through the arena. Of path with every game comes hundreds of Android apps.

If, for instance, you’re searching out an app in order to can help you hold up with the numerous European soccer leagues, you want to have as a minimum a few help before you start downloading apps. If you move in blind, probabilities are you’ll down load ten apps that sound like they could do the flud pro apk trick before you find one that does half of what you would want it to do! That’s simply how it’s far. I just hope that if you go about locating apps that manner, you are doing so with free apps- otherwise you could be out hundreds of greenbacks quite darn quick.

One ultimate observe: I am going to pay attention on free Android sports activities apps which might be popular now and might be popular inside the future. Well that is apparent, proper? Not exactly- numerous the apps fly to the top of the rankings because it’s a positive time of the 12 months or a huge sporting occasion is going on (World Cup or the Olympics). I’m also looking into the natural first-class of the app and the developer of the app. This manner, if you need an amazing Football App (either US Football or regular Football), you need to be pretty happy now and in the destiny with the one I list…

Although there are a number of Android sports apps that do many more things than supplying sports information, I’m focusing on free Android apps for sports fans in this specific list.

Sporting News Pro Football

If you are a large NFL fan, this app must be on your phone. This is a first-rate app to have for sport day or if you’re like me and like to look up each stat for every player! The user interface is elegant and not too crowded.

CBS Sports Pro Football

I absolutely should not have two pro football Android apps on my listing, however it’s the most popular recreation within the US and after thinking about it, why now not have 3? Maybe I may not cross that some distance. This is a wonderful soccer app for absolutely everyone, however it’s honestly geared closer to people who play Fantasy Football thru CBS Sports. Just login and you’ll have complete control over your fable crew!

NBA Game Time Lite 2009-10

This is the legitimate NBA Android app from final season. This coming season’s app will simply be even better! It affords all the player and crew stats, actual-time ratings or even TV statistics so that you can discover what channel your favourite crew is playing on! If you’re an NBA fan and also you want a standalone seasoned basketball app, that is your nice option.


Are you a Formula 1 fan? I’ll inform you what, simply, I’m not plenty of a fan but that doesn’t suggest I do not love this app. This unfastened Android sports app presents extra than simply live updates for each F1 race round the world. Plain and easy, the graphics and the features are amusing. If you download this app, you may not be disappointed!

The Best Free Android Apps For Sports Fans