Steven Fisackerly – A Global Economy in The Post COVID-19 Era

When it comes to the prevailing global health crisis, the world is positive that a cure for the COVID-19 virus will surface soon. There is some hope as vaccinations have started in most parts of the globe, and human trials are started with the mission of finding a permanent cure soon. Regular experiments are being conducted in laboratories across the world. However, new strains of the virus are surfacing, so tests are being conducted by scientists with the anticipation that a permanent cure will be developed soon for all the nations in the world to stop the spread of the coronavirus completely.

Like the rest of the world, eminent business expert Steven Fisackerly a retiree who resides in Long Island, New York, is hopeful that the economy will change once a cure is discovered.  He is fond of studying economic trends in the global market and often evaluates them across the world.

How will the world react when a permanent cure surfaces for the coronavirus?

As per his speculation, once a permanent cure for the coronavirus gets discovered, parts of the world will take the plunge to get it. The first to take a keen interest in it will be the governments of the globe and those that belong to the rich or the upper class in society. He anticipates that the one with the most money will be served first. History is proof of the above if you check out the global trend in the past. He adds that the pharmaceutical company that will develop this cure will be able to earn handsome profits in the long run.

The community and its gradual revival

The community’s general fears are still prevalent now; however, once a cure surfaces, people will step out and reconnect with the world. Though they are aware that the coronavirus is still prevalent globally, they will not be as scared as they were since the outbreak of the Pandemic. The moment they venture out freely in large numbers, the consumer instincts will return. People will be ready to spend money on goods and products in local stores.

Embracing new precautions

The malls, restaurants, and other commercial establishments and tourist spots that were compelled to shut down will reopen, and business will resume like before. Though, one should not be very excited about this prospect as the reopening means that the waters will still be tested. These establishments will need to embrace new precautions when it comes to maintaining social distancing and conducting temperature checks for all those entering the establishment to prevent the spread of infection.

Steven Fisackerly sums up by saying when the situation gets close to what it was before the Pandemic; businesses will realize their investments again. They will regain their hold over the market and remit regular earnings to the bank again. Banks will utilize this cash for making investments in large-scale businesses as trading operations resume leading to the revival of the economy over time.




Steven Fisackerly – A Global Economy in The Post COVID-19 Era
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