It must be difficult to live in the United States of America. Only a few states have legalized online sports betting. This isn’t the case in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Australians love sports betting. It’s been around since the dawn of time. These are some of the most famous sporting events that bring people to sports betting agencies to place a bet (or punt).

The Melbourne Cup is the most famous. This event attracts more punters than any other. The Melbourne Cup isn’t the only one. For sports punters, the entire Spring Racing Carnival is huge. This is the best place for racing enthusiasts to place their bets.

The Australian betting market enjoys sbobet mobile the Australian Football League (AFL), and the National Rugby League (NRL) during the off-season of horse racing.

Who do these people trust to place their bets? There are only a few reputable companies that people trust. Here’s a list.

TAB Sportsbet – This agency was once owned the government, but was sold to a private company around 20 years ago. They have outlets in all three major cities: Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane. They also have a smaller presence in other states. This agency allows customers to place online bets in addition to retail outlets.
Sportsbet – One of Australia’s fastest-growing sports betting agencies. Many thousands of people have benefited from their TV and Internet marketing over the past few years.
Centrebet – Centrebet has been a successful marketer since the beginning of this decade, matching the success of Sportsbet. They engage their customers via social media, constantly offering free giveaways and competitions.
Sportingbet – The largest sports betting agency worldwide, with offices in Australia and the United Kingdom.

It is important to be familiar with the major and most trusted sports betting agencies in order to avoid them. I strongly advise against placing money with smaller agencies. Sometimes, money you have put in doesn’t come back. Yes even if you win.

You will be treated fairly if you place your bets with any of the four top sports betting agencies in Australia or any other larger ones.

Online Sports Betting Agencies Available in Australia