Caroline Sturken – The Role of Massage Therapists in Combating Stress and Tension

Stress and deadlines to finish tasks in time often burn you out. It is here that you need to take a break and slow down. Life is fast-paced, and if you are not careful, you will invoke severe mental and physical health problems. This is where you need a holistic way of treating the mind and body. Massage therapy is a safe and effective way to ease tensions and stress from your body to feel rejuvenated naturally.

Caroline Sturken – how can massage help to enhance your overall physical and mental health?

Caroline Sturken is a professional and certified- massage therapist in San Diegoproviding treatment to patients and clients who seek stress management therapy and their expertise in alleviating body aches and pains.  She says that massage therapy has gained immense popularity as a natural and holistic treatment for pains and aches in the body. Individuals often suffer from these body pains and aches due to accidents and deterioration.

Benefits of massage therapy

Massage therapy helps you in the alleviation of pressure, tension, and anxiety. People that receive frequent treatment enjoyed better blood circulation, sleep, and relaxation in the body. The common points of tension in the human body are the neck, shoulders, head, and back.

How do knots in the body cause muscle tensions and pain?

Massage therapists play a crucial role in rolling out knots in the above tension areas and other body parts where scar tissue might be building up. At the same time, you should note that massage therapy is not something that alleviates aches and pains overnight. It needs to be done regularly.

A completely holistic approach to good health and wellness

Individuals seek help from professional massage therapists to mitigate stress and muscle tension. She says that one of the biggest causes of discomfort and pain in the body is bad posture. Regular sessions in massage therapy help in the correction of an individual’s posture and take them towards the path of recovery. Massage therapists need to ensure the body of an individual is in perfect alignment. This helps the person get rid of strains, spasms, and muscle tensions.

Though this therapy is considered a sort of recreational medicine by prominent healthcare experts, she says that its benefits for alleviating stress and body pain cannot be completed waivered off.

How can athletes benefit from massage therapy?

Massage therapy is a boon for athletes as well. She says that many athletes suffer inflammation in their muscles as they often perform strenuous tasks. This takes a toll on their body and causes a condition known as muscle contusion. This is a sort of trauma in the body.

As per Caroline Sturken regular massage therapy helps in the reduction of muscle tension in athletes as well. During the session, the trauma caused by the movement can be effectively healed when mitochondria are generated by the release of energy in the body. This helps the person recover from any damage with success!


Caroline Sturken – The Role of Massage Therapists in Combating Stress and Tension
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