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The Three Types of Marketing Activities for Business

What is Marketing Activity Definition? Marketing activities refer to all the things that an entity or an individual in order to enhance its brand and to increase the sales of particular products/services. Marketing activities may include Branding, Sales promotion, Advertising, Private selling, Public Relations, Corporate Sales, Publicity, Product launches, Promotional activities, Events, etc. Marketing may […]

Steven Fisackerly – A Global Economy in The Post COVID-19 Era

When it comes to the prevailing global health crisis, the world is positive that a cure for the COVID-19 virus will surface soon. There is some hope as vaccinations have started in most parts of the globe, and human trials are started with the mission of finding a permanent cure soon. Regular experiments are being […]

Cash Myricks – What Makes Contemporary Art Different

There are several forms of artwork globally, and each has its individual expression and interaction. Artwork is often a matter which includes the ability to transcend all Worldwide barriers to send a concept to Anyone on this planet. Some artists use up to date art to spread social messages and warnings to the public. They […]

Caroline Sturken – The Role of Massage Therapists in Combating Stress and Tension

Stress and deadlines to finish tasks in time often burn you out. It is here that you need to take a break and slow down. Life is fast-paced, and if you are not careful, you will invoke severe mental and physical health problems. This is where you need a holistic way of treating the mind […]

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