It has been almost two and a half months since the introduction of the Vivo Y12 and already it has created quite a buzz in the mobile circles. The reason why this handset is making waves is because of its high performance in features and performance. In fact, if you are not aware, this handset already has the preinstalled Android OS 3.2 which is one of the latest versions available. This OS will make it even more exciting because it offers users access to different features such as the Google Now initiative, Google+ social networking as well as Android Market.

With the Vivo Y12, it is quite expected that vivo y12 the company is gearing towards providing consumers with an experience that is similar to what they had experienced with the Motorola DROID. For example, when talking about the camera, many people might have their own views on how they feel about the picture quality of this handset. If you are among those people who like taking pictures and want to give the best experience to it, you might want to consider the vivo y12 main camera. With the said phone, you are sure to get high quality pictures all the time and this is why many people are already talking about it.

Speaking of camera, the vivo y12 comes with a neat camera setup. In fact, it is among the first handsets to come with a built in anti-shake system. This means that the images captured by the phone are not going to be shaky. Apart from anti-shake, this handset also comes with optical image stabilization system and therefore you are sure to get clear and beautiful pictures.

Another interesting feature of the vivo y12 is its large internal storage. This is due to the large LCD display which helps people get more done at a single point. As for the CPU, it is powered by the Helio P22 – a processor that is quite popular in this segment. The Helio P22 has four cores that run at a single time thus giving this phone a remarkable speed. In terms of connectivity, the phone comes with GSM carrier ID, HSDPA, CDMA and EDGE support and thus allows you to make calls as well as take photos with all the above mentioned technologies.

For all the details, all you need to know is the price, looks and functionality. To start with the look, this handset comes in vivid colors like blue, green and orange and has a metallic finish. Other than this, the vivo y12 features a nice battery, a decent camera and comes with a decent storage unit – the octa core helio p22.

The functions of this handset are excellent and the battery life is satisfactory too. The minute details of this phone are good enough that it serves every need of its user and also offers a remarkable value for money too. The vivo y12 is not a perfect gadget and thus you cannot say that it is a high end phone. It lacks some features and may be a little expensive too but the phone is worth every penny spent. It offers a lot of power along with a beautiful look to boot.

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